Reviews and comments on medicine and opera by Neil Kurtzman.

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Predicting Violent Behavior
If It’s Broke Make It Worse – More Healthcare Reform Incoherence
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Ford, the UAW, and the Public Option
The Limitations of Cancer Screening
House Healthcare Bill
How to Get off a Plane Stuck on the Tarmac
Aida in HD
Bing vs Google
Flatland Film Festival Opens
Tosca in HD
PSA Screening
Anything But Wagner
The Neutered 23 Psalm
A Nap at the Opera
Hepatorenal Syndrome
New Doctors Poll
Health Insurance Industry Profits
Recording of the Week – Carmen Suite
Investing For the Long Term
Medicare, The AARP, and Sutton’s Law
Giuseppe Di Stefano Sings Three Songs
Diagnosis of Diabetes
Cenerentola at Glimmerglass
Saving Money on Medical Care
Healthcare Cuts in British Columbia
Medical Care as a Right
Headline of the Week
Recording of the Week: Garanča – Bel Canto
Put Them Out to Die
Draft of House Health Insurance Bill
Trans Fats, Big Brother, and Sloppy Science
Opening Night at the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival
Don Giovanni Returns to Santa Fe
L’Elisir d’Amore in Santa Fe
Which Leg Bone Did She Break?
More on Angiotensin Blockade and Diabetic Nephropathy
New Recommendations for Tylenol Dose
Angiotensin Blockade and Diabetic Nephropathy
Maria Cebotari Sings…
The Ghost in the Machine – A Cautionary Tale
The AARP and Newspeak
Live Forever or Die in the Attempt
Recording of the Week – Thalberg/Rossini Variations
Effectiveness and Cost
The Rashomon Approach to Medicare
Lost in the Original
Recording of the Week: Joseph Schmidt – Live Recordings
Evidence Based Reimbursement
More on Medicare’s Administrative Costs
Cocaine and Addiction
Drowning in a Sea of Similes
Recording of the Week: Roberto Sierra “Fandangos”
Licorice and Hypokalemia
Cola and Hypokalemia
Reality Strikes

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