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The 23 Psalm

I kept repeating the 4th verse of the 23rd Psalm as I made my 28 hour journey from Montreal to Lubbock. I’ve complained about the airlines before, so this brief post will just list the lowlights of my trip. We were supposed to return from vacation on a chartered flight. It never showed. We took…

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American Airlines Will Soon Charge You Not to Fly

A couple of decades ago I wrote a piece in which I predicted my premature demise secondary to trying to make a 5 minute connection from Gate 1 to Gate 40 (they’ve since changed their numbering system) on American Airlines in DFW. Well, like most of my prognostications, it didn’t happen. Undeterred, I’ll venture another…

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Air and Romance

This site has been silent for the last month. I was on a trip on the Amazon River. I got as far as Manaus, Brazil and then came back out. A little later I’ll post some photos of the region, but my theme today is American Eagle. To get to most places east, north, or…

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