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The Recordings of Enrico Caruso 1914 – 1916

Caruso’s first recording in 1914 was the only one he ever made with his great coeval Titta Ruffo. Allegedly, they also recorded the first act duet from La Gioconda at the same session, but destroyed the matrix before it could be released. Why, if the story is true, the recording was axed is unknown Caruso…

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The Recordings of Enrico Caruso 1908 – 1909

More than a year separated Caruso’s last recording in 1907 from his first in 1908. In July he recorded (for the second time) the quartet from Rigoletto (Bella figlia dell’amore). His colleagues were Marcella Sembrich, Gina Severina, and Antonio Scotti. This recording finds him at the peak of his powers. Notice how the acoustic horn…

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