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No Time For Patients – ICD 11 and the Banality of Evil

Talk to your doctor and ask about how much time is spent on the 21st century’s version of paperwork. Also ask about the sense of satisfaction he gets from spending more time in front of a computer than he does interacting with his patients. Having just been confronted with with ICD 10, which contained an…

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Unreasonable Health Insurance Premiums

New York Times columnist and Nobel prize winner in economics Paul Krugman is famous for his dedication to fiscal stimulus as an escape from our current economic woes. No matter how much money the government pumps into the economy he wants more if the result is not what is desired. Thus he is indulging in…

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Addio, del passato bei sogni ridenti

She’s gone. She’s been in place for 50 years. A faithful servant. Not that there haven’t been problems. The last 10 years she’s struggled with the problems of age. She’s had her innards reamed out. She’s undergone multiple open lid surgeries. Old hardware has been removed and replaced with new, but eventually no one was…

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