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New (2019) Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines

The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology have released new guidelines for the management of elevated blood cholesterol levels. These guidelines focus on LDL-cholesterol. They are summarized in the figure below which can be enlarged by clicking on it. They were published in a short article in the JAMA which is appended…

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APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men or Why Can’t a Boy be More Like a Girl?

The American Psychological  Association released its guidelines for psychological practice with boys and men in August of 2018. It seems to have taken a while for these guidelines to trickle down to the lay press. Since the document (it’s below this piece) is more of a political statement than a therapeutic one it’s had the predictable…

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New Dietary Guidlines

They’re at it again. The federal government is about to issue new dietary guidelines, the first since 2010. The actual report is not yet available, but some of its contents has been leaked to the press. The committee charged with writing the guidelines is an interesting one. There are three physicians on it – a pediatrician, an…

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