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Lethal Tenors

Serious operas typically end with one or more of the principals dead. The tenor is more often victim than perp. The following excerpts are from operas where the tenor is the killer, an unusual occurrence in an art form where tenors are usually the good guys. First Verdi’s Luisa Miller. The following description is adapted…

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Life Expectancy in the US and Social Awareness

Medical care in the United States is often compared unfavorably to that of other developed countries. It’s commonly stated that life expectancy in the US is much lower than in other countries and that this is due, at least in part, to poor medical care in the US. Life expectancy, of course, is affected by many things other things…

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Predicting Violent Behavior

The killing of four Seattle police officers by a man with a long history of violent behavior again raises the issue of releasing people from jail or other institutions who have been incarcerated because of violent crimes. The putative killer in the Washington murders, Maurice Clemmons, was shot and killed by a policeman today. His…

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