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Madama Butterfly Powerpoint Presentation

Below is a link that will download a PowerPoint presentation I gave before last night’s performances of Madama Butterfly by the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. To use it download all the files and put them in the same folder. To hear the sound excerpts click on the sound icon on the slides that are associated with music. They are…

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Why is Medical Care So Expensive?

The PowerPoint presentation below contains the slides I used today to accompany a presentation on the above subject to the Lubbock Roundtable. It is just an outline to my remarks. The quotation below belongs to slide #36. Its from The Obamacare Crisis by Thomas B Edsall in the  New York Times November 19, 2013. The…

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Screening For Disease – When Not to Do It

The above is the title of a presentation I gave today at Medical Grand Rounds at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Below is the PowerPoint file of that presentation. Screening for Disease – When Not to Do It

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