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The False-Positive Panic over COVID-19

The title above is that of an article by me published today in the Mises Wire. It deals with the problem of false positive tests for COVID-19 that will be found if a large population is tested which has a low prevalence of the virus. It also deals with the issue of frequent tests of…

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More Covid-19 Positive tests in Athletes

Sixteen NBA players have tested positive for the coronavirus of 302 players tested.  As I’ve mentioned, eventually they’ll all test positive as the country refuses to grapple with the problem of false positive test for the virus. Until our medical officials wake up, athletics are not coming back.

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The Press Still Doesn’t Understand the Principles of Testing

Here’s an article about testing for COVID-19 which reveals the press, irrespective of political bias, is still in the dark about screening for this disease, or broadly any disease. The piece is written rather awkwardly, but what it’s trying to say is that the Abbott ID NOW test is 85% sensitive. This means that 85%…

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