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Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and an Artificial Pancreas

Tweet Clinical endocrinology can be defined in one sentence. It is the study of diseases that are characterized by too much or too little of a hormone or by over or under responsiveness to a hormone. That’s it. The rest is detail. Type 1 diabetes is due to the lack of insulin secondary to autoimmune…

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Antonio Cortis

Tweet Antonio Cortis 1891-1952 was a Spanish tenor with a beautiful spinto voice capable of singing both the light and heavy roles in the Italian and French repertory. Born on a ship in the Mediterranean, he gave Valencia, where he was raised, as his native city. He initially studied voice at the Madrid Conservatory. After…

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Folic Acid and Psychosis

Tweet The Journal of the American Medical Association has a paper thus far only published online – Association of Prenatal Exposure to Population-Wide Folic Acid Fortification With Altered Cerebral Cortex Maturation in Youths – that is both interesting and a big stretch. Government mandated folic acid fortification of enriched grain products has been in force…

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Bring Back The Abacus

Tweet The complete ingestion of the modern world by the computer has putatively made life easier and allegedly added to the variety and plenty of life’s pleasant experiences. Except when it hasn’t. Yesterday Walgreens informed me that I had a prescription ready for pickup. To make life easier for me they gave me a link…

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Benjamin Bernheim

Tweet Benjamin Bernheim is a young French tenor who was raised in Geneva and trained at the Lausanne Conservatory. He joined the Young Artists Program at the Zurich Opera and recently has made Debuts in London, Milan, and Chicago. He has a beautiful lyric tenor that seems ideal for the great French tenor roles –…

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