The title above is that of a new CD containing 23 selections sung by the late tenor. Why another Lanza disc when so many are already available? These have been remastered and converted to Digitally Extracted Stereo (DES).

When listened to on a good audio system the effect is magical. Lanza’s voice is even more beautiful than it sounded on the original mono recordings. The disc is available at Amazon – Golden Days Mario Lanza. Also, if you download it, only do so in a lossless format so that the full effect of the DES conversion will be maintained.

The only tenors I can think of with voices as beautiful as Lanza’s are Joseph Schmidt, Jussi Björling, and Giuseppe Di Stefano. His vocal production and technique were flawless; if premature death had not been his sad fate he likely would have morphed into a full-fledged spinto while retaining the beauty of his tone. If that had happened, and he had escaped the deadly embrace of the movie business, he would have been the greatest tenor of the 20th century.

Don’t buy this disc unless you have a first-rate audio system. Without it you will not be able to appreciate the wonderful technical effect that Robin Cherry and Stephen Cutler have achieved using the DES system.

My deep appreciation to Professor Derek McGovern for sending me the disc. He is a long-time Lanza aficionado who oversees the website and wrote the liner notes. The disc’s contents are below. It is a must have for Lanza fans or anyone interested in great singing.