We’re Number One

You may have heard that Texas leads the US in new employment. Well, here's one reason. The University of Texas at Austin is the state's flagship institution of higher learning. It takes a lot of administrative support to keep such a big university turning out scholars in  Architecture to Writing … Continue reading

Student Loans

The only segment of our economy that had experienced the same inflation as medical care is higher education. While there may be many causes for this expansion of cost the biggest is doubtless the easy availability of student loans. The federal government has recently assumed full responsibility … Continue reading

A Liberal Education

Nobody can teach you nothing. You got to learn for yourself - Willie Mays Gregory A Petsko, the Gyula and Katica Tauber Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry and chair of biochemistry at Brandeis University, has written an open, angry, and hostile letter to George M. Philip, the president of … Continue reading