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Highlights from the DSM V

Tweet Rare and Unusual Psychiatric Syndromes: A Primer and Culture-Specific Psychiatric Syndromes: A Review are articles from Medscape Internal Medicine which is an online compendium of useful information dedicated to practitioners of the specialty. You can read both articles by clicking the above links. The syndromes these articles describe are taken from from the Diagnostic…

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The Genetically Modified Organism in Your House

Tweet Vermont in a spasm of enlightenment has mandated that all genetically modified foods sold in the Green Mountain State be so labeled. According to numerous polls 90% of the population of the USA thinks this a good idea. This is the same concerned and informed group that by an 80% margin supports labeling food…

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Educational Thought of the Day

Tweet Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder. A Study of History – Arnold J. Toynbee (1889-1975)

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Mental Health Problems After War Service

Tweet Nearly 20% of Veterans who served in Iraq are said to have to have post traumatic stress or major depression according to a study by the Rand Corporation. Everyone seems to be racing ahead of everyone else to embrace these finding lest they be thought negligent or insensitive. A word of caution, though the…

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