The broadcasts of both old and new operas from the Met via the internet are still crippled.  If your computer is connected to good speakers and you are stretched out on your couch contentedly napping as the opera drifts in and out of your dreams make sure you don’t nod off at the wrong time.  Ninety minutes into your snooze (actually from the time you started the program) the beep of death will sound.  You can either say the hell with it or drag yourself from couch to computer and click that you are still animate, though barely conscious.

Fortune, however, often favors the lazy.  I just installed satellite TV.  My package includes, though I didn’t know it when I signed up, all of Sirius’s channels.  My satellite receiver also has a DVR which will record 300 hours of programming.  When Mr Gelb finds out that there’s no 90 minute timeout on the TV Sirius package and that his opera can be recorded almost till the end of recorded time he may turn into Rudolf Bing or worse Joe Volpe.

Anyway out of naked spite I’m playing the Met on Sirius in every room in my house from sign-on to sign off.  Take that beepers of the world!