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Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis

As if the world weren’t dangerous enough new diseases keeping popping up like, well new diseases. Over the past few years nephrologists have recognized a new skin disease that was previously called nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy, but which has been rechristened Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis. The current issue of the NEJM describes another patient with this disorder….

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Joseph Calleja Revisited

More than three years ago I reviewed tenor Joseph Calleja’s first recital CD. Though it received many favorable notices,I wasn’t all that impressed. I heard the broadcast of his Met debut as the Duke in Verdi’s Rigoletto and still wasn’t impressed. What annoyed me the most was his fast vibrato (or bleat if you’re inclined…

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Southern Society for Clinical Investigation

New Orleans Saturday February 23, 2008 Powerpoint Presentation will be posted later 2:25 State-of-the-Art Speaker CURRENT CONCEPTS AND CONTROVERSIES IN TREATMENT OF METABOLIC ACIDOSIS. Neil A. Kurtzman, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

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Manon Lescaut in HD – Feb 16, 2008

I imagine that the Met’s almost 30 year old production of Puccini’s Manon Lescaut was brought back as a vehicle for one of the company’s star sopranos, Karita Mattila. If so it was a mistake. Prior to this run the Finnish singer had only performed one Puccini role at the Met – Musetta in six…

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Money Squawks

The February issue of The ACP Internist contains an article Adding cosmetic procedures lifts internists’ sagging incomes that defines the decline in morale of our country’s most important profession. Click on the link and you can read the whole sad story and make up your mind about what’s happening to medicine. The article reflects a…

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British Men Prefer TV to Sex – Androgen Deficiency Suspected

A new survey finds that almost 50% of British men would forgo sex for six months in return for a 50″ plasma TV. Only a third of British women would make the trade. Remember this from a country that only has about four channels and which imposes a yearly tax on each television set. Britain…

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Luck, Not Ripeness, Is All

As almost everyone knows the New York Giants upset the New England Patriots to win the 42nd iteration of the Super Bowl. The Giants won the game with a touchdown with only 35 seconds left to play. But the critical play happened moments earlier. David Tyree a mostly invisible player made once in a century…

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