The following is the abstract of a paper that appeared in the May 25th issue of the Archives of Internal MedicineRapidity and Modality of Imaging for Acute Low Back Pain in Elderly Patients.

“Rapidity and modality of imaging for LBP [low back pain] is associated with patient and physician characteristics but the directionality of associations with desirable care processes is opposite of associations for measures targeting underuse. Metrics that encompass overuse may suggest new areas of focus for quality improvement.”

I guess I have too much free time because I’ve read the two sentences 10 times finishing more confused with each reread. I lacked the courage to dive into the body of the piece fearing that I might never resurface.

Strunk and White’s Elements of Style recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. It would be an act of great charity if some one would send a copy to the authors of the above two lines. Perhaps they’re code.

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