Dr Donald Berwick has been nominated by President Obama to be director of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Dr Berwick as the video below shows has some extreme views. He is guilty of a common error in logic – the exclusion of alternatives. In his view the only alternative to the US medical system is the British National Health Service. In reality, of course, there are many alternatives to what we have. A command and control system run by bureaucrats seems the least desirable reform of our current system.

His statement without evidence of any kind that an equitable medical program requires the redistribution of wealth is clearly absurd. If you really believe this nonsense then we should all drive the same cars, eat the same foods, and wear the same clothes. Dr Berwick’s position needs no refutation. Those who subscribe to it will do so from a religious predisposition. Note “…the darkness of private enterprise.”

Berwick’s appointment is conditional on ratification by the senate. It will be interesting and instructive to see how he fares before that august body.


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