The American Postal Workers Union internal election was postponed because thousands of ballots were lost in the mail. They should have voted online.

The Federal Highway Administration has required that all street signs in the US be written in Clearview font by 2018. They’ve been studying this important issue for most of the century at who knows what cost. It probably keeps them off the streets. The Feds are uncomfortable with signs in caps. Thus BROADWAY will become Broadway. This will cost New York City $27 million. Each sign costs $110. $110 multiplied by every street sign in the US is what? I’d rather fund the Bridge to Nowhere.

And this is just a crummy rule about street signs. Wait until you see those that will reshape medical care. Regardless, Soccer Moms everywhere will doubtless breath a sigh of relief as they drive their children to the pediatrician for their asthma checkup.