Here is a complete performance recorded more than a half century ago of Puccini’s realistic one act opera Il Tabarro. Robert Merrill heads a cast that could not be matched today. This opera and its two partners will soon be 100 years old. Originally dismissed as a Grand Guignol thriller with little substance. It has gotten remarkably better over the years. Today it’s clearly a masterpiece wrought as skillfully as its more popular siblings. Each of the three principals brings more voice to their parts than can be imagined without listening to them. I’ll soon get around to the other two parts of Il Trittico.

Click here —–> Il Tabarro, Merrill, et al

Michele: Robert Merrill
Luigi: Mario Del Monaco
Il Tinca: Renato Ercolani
Il Talpa: Silvio Maionica
Giorgetta: Renata Tebaldi
La Frugola: Lucia Danieli
Venditore di canzonette: Piero De Palma
Due amanti: Gianfranco Manganotti, Dora Carral

Coro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Dirigent: Lamberto Gardelli