The great opera photographer Robert Cahen will soon retire after 60 years of photographing virtually every major opera singer of that period. He has assembled a a slide show that presents some of the photos he has taken over his career. I have transferred the slide show to an MPEG-4 video. The link to it is below. There are no sound or captions. See how many of the singers you can recognize. Depending to the software on your computer the video may play just by clicking on the link below. If not, download the file and it will play with any standard video software such as Window Media.

Cahen started in the business in Chicago and then moved to the San Francisco where he has been the photographic mainstay of that company for about half a century. A man of great charm and love of opera and its performers, he has been a friend to many performers and has included candid shots these great artists in this collection. Of course, all these images are the property of Mr Cahen and cannot be reproduced without his permission. If you wish to do so, I can put you in contact with him.

Robert Cahen – A Life in Opera  <————— Click here to see slideshow