Can a dog run for President of the United States? The answer is an unequivocal yes! Let me quote the Constitution: No person except a natural born citizen , or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adaption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years and have been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Let’s analyze this portion of our founding document which is a living instrument meaning a lot more than is initially apparent to the unenlightened. Daisy is a dog which to the unthinking would disqualify her for the office. But our thinking has evolved in the more than two centuries since the Constitution was written. Animals have rights. They are found everywhere. Dogs, in particular, live in close contact with humans. Considering these and more it is clear that in today’s sensitive world that they must be considered persons.

Not only was there not a single woman at the convention which wrote the Constitution, neither was there an animal. Daisy would remedy both omissions. She is a girl. She is also a mixed breed making her a female multicultural candidate. If elected she would be the first female President of the US.

What about the 35 year requirement? Daisy is 7, but in dog years that equals 49. So this requirement is satisfied. Daisy has lived her entire life in Texas. So, again using dog years, she has been a resident of the US for more than the requisite 14 years. Thus, she easily fulfills all the needed criteria for the office.

What kind of President would she be and what are her positions on the key issues facing our country? For starters, she wouldn’t say anything that would embarrass us either at home or abroad. The obvious reason is that she doesn’t say anything. She will not give offense to the most sensitive among us. But she understands several hundred words more than any other current candidate. She also listens attentively to everything said to her which also sets her apart from all other candidates.

Will she protect our borders? Her her position is clear. When anyone unknown to her approaches the perimeter of her territory she immediately assumes an aggressive posture that keeps all intruders at bay. When her territory becomes the entirety of our country she will be as attentive as she now is at home. But on the other hand, she shows no inclination to deport anyone. Live and let live is her default attitude.

Foreign policy? She is fiercely devoted to defense and loves soldiers and the rest of the military. While she has articulated no position on international affairs she would maintain the military and honor our foreign commitments, but would not expand them as she will not expand anything.

Entitlements. Daisy has lived her entire life off of the kindness of others and is thus sensitive to plight of the downtrodden. But as she lives a comparatively spartan life she would keep these programs under tight control. She is a certified therapy dog and thus works for her living. Accordingly, she would expect the able to do likewise.

Daisy owes not a cent to anyone and would certainly be a deficit hawk, sorry dog. While I am not sure of her position on central bankers, it would not surprise me if she did not fill their jobs as their terms expired.

Education and student loans. Daisy is well educated and took all the courses required for her certification as a therapy dog. But she did not have to get a college degree. I think that she would not favor continuance of the student loan program as she did not ask for any external support during her education. She would favor job oriented education. She has indicated that she would limit certain professions, such as art history, to a tiny proportion of the population – say 1 per million. Her positions are entirely based on a realistic assessment of the problems immediately before her.

A word about bathrooms, which seem to be the focus of the entire country. No problem, she doesn’t doesn’t use them which suggests the solution to the country’s restroom problem.

I know she’s a little late to the game, but the wish of a large segment of our population for a presidential candidate who is honest, consistent, and plainspoken makes her ideal for the needs of our country in parlous times. Consider the alternatives and you will see the justification, no the essential need, for her candidacy. The bandwagon is just starting. Welcome aboard