Below are some data concerning the COVID outbreak. They mostly speak for themselves. Observe the striking difference in the countries of tropical Africa compared to the developed world. The Africans are mostly unvaccinated and not dying in contradistinction to the US, etc. Then look at the data from the US and India. Lastly, observe the relationship of obesity to COVID deaths. Go here for more data about the disease. Click on the figures to get a clearer look at them.

The US and other Western countries are the first in human history where the poor are overweight. Until the end of WW II to be poor was to be malnourished. This phenomenon is still operative in central Africa. Thus, the scarcity of fat people in Africa could be the explanation for its low COVID death rate. The same is likely true of India. The sub-continent has a population density nine time that of the US. Obviously, social distancing is all but impossible.

Finally, there’s the therapy that dare not speak its name. To even mention it invites a visit from the FBI. It’s been offered as an explanation for the paucity of deaths from COVID in Africa. I have no idea if such therapy is effective against anything other than its original target. Also, the mere sight of an FBI badge at my stage of life could likely trigger a lethal cardiac arrest.