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Spyware Doctor – Malpractice

I have a relatively new computer which two days before Christmas started misbehaving. Shortly after turning it on it would freeze. I could only get it to work by doing a cold reboot – ie, I had to turn it off using the on-off button and then restart it. I paid no attention to this problem until…

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Trouble Updating Firefox

Joseph Schumepter (1883 – 1950) is famous for his use of creative destruction. He showed how capitalism innovates to create new and better systems which destroy their older competition. But after time and the departure of the innovators who created these systems, newer innovators arise who create even better systems that destroy what a short…

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How to Put an Image In Gmail When Gmail Doesn’t Want to Let You Do It

There are many times when you’ll want to put a picture into an email. If you use Gmail this was hard to do until April of 2009 when Gmail made it easier, but not as easy as they should have. What you have to do is click the Settings tab. Make sure you are using…

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