My Smart TV Has a Stupid DVR

The march of technology is like a drunken sailor on his way to the next bar. He more or less knows where it is, but his pickled neurons send him on an erratic path. Thus we get driverless cars that run over a pedestrian in the dark because the car forgot to turn its high beams on while its human … Continue reading

Quando le sere al placido

One of opera's most moving and beautiful tenor arias occurs near the end of the second act of Verdi's Luisa Miller. The aria is a test for any tenor as it requires a powerful spinto for its explosive introduction followed by an aria which is sensitive, lyrical, and has a classical beauty. The words … Continue reading

Luisa Miller in HD

Verdi's 14th opera was brought back to the Met after an absence of 12 years. Elijah Moshinsky's production with sets and costumes by Santo Loquasto is set in 19th century England rather than 17th century Tyrol. This change made little difference to opera's effect, though the time and place … Continue reading