I just wrote a short piece on the young American tenor Michael Spyres. Mr Spyres has an alter ego who has delusions of bassness. See the video below.

Of course, Spyres is not the first tenor to masquerade as a bass. Enrico Caruso sang the Coat Song from La Boheme during a performance in Philadelphia on December 23, 1913 when the bass Andres de Segurola lost his voice just before he was about to sing the piece. Caruso apparently turned his back to the audience while de Segurola mouthed the words. Nobody seemed to notice. Caruso subsequently recorded the aria which was not released until well after the tenor’s death. La boheme, Act IV- Vecchia zimarra

I think that as a bass-baritone Spyres bests Caruso. Regardless, opera singers seem to inhabit a different universe of which according to modern cosmologists there are an infinite number.