Unless Netflix and Amazon Prime has drowned out any exterior information, you are aware that much of life has been canceled. My thesis is that this activity which used to be confined the the Post Office (it was canceled decades ago) has not gone far enough. From my jaundiced vantage point it seems clear that the greenies – the passionate environmentalists, not the dog treats – are on to something. They’re just too wound up to see what it is.

First some particulars, then the solution. I’ll start with medical schools because I used to work at a few and remember a bit about them. There used to be a lot of them, but 110 years ago The Flexner report was issued and all but about 60 of them folded. This number remained more or less constant for a good part of the 20th century. If you were on the inside, this restriction on the output of doctors was done in the name of quality, science, and honor. But there were other views. It limited the number of physicians available to treat an expanding population. A relatively small group of doctors subjected to a rigid licensing regime was reminiscent of the medieval guild system. If you made it through the strenuous initiation process your reward, both in status and income, was great. Eventually, the need for more doctors forced a change. There are now 154 MD and 38 DO schools in the US.

But the patina of elitism remained. Doctors enjoyed, and still do, both high status and high income. But over the past half century the elite of this elite became more and more uncomfortable with the gender and ethnic makeup of the profession. This super elite consisted of those who ran the medical schools and the important medical journals. Though they didn’t represent the rank and file of physicians, they set the tone for the profession.

Despite a plethora of schemes to make medical students and hence doctors resemble their patients, the ethnic makeup of the profession was hard to move. Gender was another story. The profession is or soon will be more than half female. As Rip Van Healer gradually woke, the attack on elitism such as grades, admission tests, and other signs of merit grew more strident and insistent. This move to enlightenment was cheered on by the left wing of doctors who ostentatiously ignored the reality that every revolution devours itself.

Consider the medical honor society Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA). It has a national organization and publishes a magazine – The Pharos. Its leadership couldn’t be more woke if they had spent their lives chronically taking dexedrine. And what do they get for not blinking for decades? Canceled. AOA is under attack because it’s membership is not diverse enough – ie, certain minorities are not represented in proportion to their number in the student body. Admission to AOA is loosely based on merit. Not too long ago it was entirely based on academic performance. Regardless of the recent decision to base membership mostly on respiratory rate, AOA has got to go. Expect Antifa stormtroopers to assault the society’s main office in Aurora CO. I expect the leadership of the society, of which I am a long time member, will previously have committed ritual suicide. I am considering if I should express solidarity with the soon to be defunct leadership.

Well, if AOA’s is to be kaput, what about Phi Beta Kappa? I’m sure it does not have the approved diversity now required. Off with its Greek letters. The obvious solution to the diversity problem exemplified by these societies is at least one of the following: Abolish both, admit everyone, get rid of medical schools and universities – they’re intrinsically elitist.

But there’s much more to do. At least one university is abandoning grammar because it’s a mark of white privilege. Presumably grunting and non-denominational signing will be OK. I need to check if they’re allowable. Grades and tests are obviously racist and must be expunged.

I needn’t tell of the fate of Western Civilization. All civilizations must go as must cities. Hunter-gatherers the world is yours. Cities? Gone! The woke are going to have to learn to live without their smartphones. Smoke signals may not be a good replacement – too hard on the environment. A small price to pay for getting rid of COVID-19. There are no epidemics when the world is peopled exclusively by hunter-gatherers.

But a back to Eden strategy is just a pit stop on the way the the final solution. Man (insert prefered word here) is just a mammalian weed. If we really want a green world he/she/it/zie/sie/ey/ve/tey/e/whatever will have to go. The world will be such a nicer place in which to live. Too bad that no one will be around to enjoy it. During the transition, Haldol for all.

Oh, this just in. The Richard Tucker Music Foundation, which grants prestigious awards to young singers, removed David N. Tucker (the late tenor’s son) from its board of directors on Monday evening. Refill the Haldol Rx.