Suddenly, Grollman realized that Dr Walker had a New York accent.  In fact, it was a Brooklyn accent.  What the hell is he doing out here? he thought.  Then he thought about himself and laughed quietly.

“What’s so funny?” asked Walker in an unfriendly tone.

Grollman decided that silence would serve him best, but Walker kept looking at him in expectation of an answer.

Gabby sensed a chance to permanently direct the interrogatories to someone else; he said, “Tell us about your micro-osmolality data, Rich.”

“You have data already.  Didn’t you just start, Robert?”


“Don’t contradict me during the research conference.”  Grollman sensed that the boss wouldn’t allow contradiction outside the conference either.  “So show me what you got.”

Everybody, except the other first year fellows, started to giggle like school girls at a wake.  Walker looked around the room, then he saw the card on which Grollman had copied the Lance Method.  He got up, walked to Grollman’s spot at the desk, grabbed the card, tore into tiny pieces and dropped them in Grollman’s lap.  Suddenly Grollman realized that no one had asked his name.