Harvey puffed several times on his cigarette hoping to reestablish his smoky shroud.  But Grollman blew it away as fast as Harvey conjured it.

“Ok, I’ll show you how to do the micro-osmolalities,” said Harvey, sighing smoke.

“Why?” asked Grollman.

“I thought you wanted to learn.”

“Why am I supposed to do them?”

“I don’t know.  Why does anybody do anything around here?”

“Aren’t they done as part of an experiment?” asked Grollman.

“Sure, everything here is part of an experiment,” said Harvey.

“Well, what’s the experiment?”

“I don’t know.  I just work here.”

“Oh, you’re just…. you’re a technician.”

“Yeah, I’m just a technician.”

“Then what’s he?”  Grollman pointed at Gabby who was still absorbed in his blouse.”

“He’s just a fellow,” said Harvey.

“Isn’t that interesting,” said Grollman.

“No it’s not,” said Harvey walking to the wooden box that Grollman presumed was the gadget that measured micro-osmolalities.

Harvey spent five minutes telling Grollman how to run the machine.  “I’ll give you a few control samples to practice on, then I’ll give you some real stuff.”  He walked back to his microscope.